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About Jayasoft

Jayasoft is a young product development and software consulting company primarily focused on JavaTM technologies. Jayasoft services capitalize on the experience of its founders, four software engineers passionated by software technologies. Since adopting Java in 1997, they have contributed to numerous projects in french well known companies as France Telecom, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Canal +, ...

For the moment, our office is situated close to Bordeaux, in France. The proximity of the sea and the mountains help us to have a break some time, to clarify our ideas and provide better services

Why Jayasoft ?

Jaya means victory in indonesian... we try to bring victory to our customers with our software. And why indonesian ? Because it's the origin language of the word java.


You can contact us by e-mail (contact at for any information about our services or products. You can correspond in english or french.

For support about our products, please use our forum, or contact our sales department to request professional support.

You can also contact us by mail:

Jayasoft SARL
22, rue Danton
33160 Saint Medard en Jalles

Finally, we also answer to phone:
+33 5 5753 0080

About this site

This site mainly presents the jayasoft company, its products and services offered world wide to java developers.

By registering as a user on this site, you will have the opportunity to participate to forums, post comments on pages, subscribe to get notified by e-mail of forum or pages updates. If you do not subscribe, you will only receive e-mails when big events occur, i.e. less than 10 times a year.

The old version of this site can still be found here, for archive reasons only. Feel free to give a glance at the old forums to get more info on our products, and especially ivy.