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What kind of services?

Jayasoft main kind of services are based upon our expertise in the development environment and build system area. As the authors of Ivy, the agile dependency manager for ant, as long time users of ant and of continuous integration tools such as cruisecontrol, and as developers of IDE plugins, we can help you setup an robust, powerful, and highly customized development and build environment improving the productivity of your team.

Do you have troubles to manage the dependencies of your projects ? Do you often face problems when you have to deliver a product? Did you ever spent hours, or even days, to align the dependencies of all of your components? Did you ever faced a last minute bug due to a late integration of your components?

A good development environment can help you solves these problems, have a better and cleaner release process, and make your developers happier!

What can we do for you?

We usually begin our services with an audit of your existing build and development system, for which we then provide a set of improvement and best practices focused on your specific needs and constraints.

We can then help you migrating your build system, introduce dependency management, improve your release or installation process, setup a continuous integration server, or even customize your IDE with simple plugins developed for your own needs and for the full integration of the whole system in the tool developers use everyday.

How do we work?

We usually focus our work on quality and smooth migration. The smooth migration is a really important part because most of the time it's simply not possible to interrupt the development team production during the improvement of the build system, and because changing developers' habits should be done carefully to avoid a too important loss of productivity during the migration.

Therefore at the beginning of our consultancy we establish with you a migration road map, with several small steps according to your needs. With each step we evaluate and validate with you the risks associated. We also take care of tuning this road map with your planning.

This smooth migration can be ensured thanks to the flexibility of the tools we use, like Ant and Ivy. These tools can be adapted to your specific environment and needs to optimize the quality and the productivity of your developments.


Here are some of our customers which we are proud to work with:

PSA Peugeot Citroën

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