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SWTBinding is a library written to add a SWT/JFace support to the JGoodies Data Binding framework.
Please refer to binding site for more information, article.
SWTBinding implementation is just a layer on top of jgoodies bindings. It use core object like ValueModel, Presentation model and so on.
SWTBinding try to get as close as possible to the original api, so if you feel confortable with binding, so you will be with swtbinding.
Have a look to the 2 main classes : SWTComponentFactory and JFaceComponentFactory.


  • add SWT and JFace to JGoodies binding
  • api is close from this original, easy to understand
  • free and open source!


The current version of swtbinding is 0.2. Even if it is already used in our development, it should still be considered as a alpha version.
Feel free to check the forum for help and suggestions.


Demonstrate how binding framework perform is not an easy task since everything happen in the code!
However we have developped a simple SWT application called Medialib that use swtbinding.
The purpose of the application is to demonstrate common best pratice using jgoodies/swt binding.
You can :
.: Launch with WebStart :.
.: Download Sources :. (zip contains an ivy file to download dependencies on ivyrep)
.: Download Binaries :. (zips contains only jars and an ant file to launch application)
Note : Icons used in this demo are from enhancedlabs with their written permission.


Please have a look to the jgoodies framework documentation or articles.
You can also ask for help in the swtbinding forum.

Download swtbinding

The latest version of swtbinding is 0.2. You can download :
src, or
src with deps
Or you can download latest build