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IvyCruise is a CruiseControl plugin for Ivy integration into your Continuuous Integration build server.

IvyCruise allows developpers to benefit the power of Ivy into their Continuuous Integration server.
IvyCruise automatically manages order of projects builds and projects dependencies (including transistive dependencies).
From now, the "Continuuous Integration" concept takes its whole sense !


  • easy to use and integrate
  • manage order of projects builds
  • automatic build of dependent projects
  • introduce new publishers policies for "spamming" build results
  • free to use


The version 1.0 of the IvyCruise plugin is compatible with Ivy 1.0+ and CruiseControl 2.2.1.

Note: to use ivycruise with CruiseControl 2.3, it's better to use the latest version of ivycruise available here

For later versions, Ulrik Sandberg and Henrik Reinhold have written another plugin for CruiseControl. Ulrik says:

Building on the clever ideas of Anders Janmyr and Mark Swanson (see, the IvyPublisher now appears as an alternative to IvyCruise. It's applied as a standard CruiseControl Publisher, and thus requires no source code changes to CruiseControl. It doesn't require two threads or an "integration" project. Instead, it figures out which projects Cruise should build next, after a successful build. Note that it does require the not yet released Ivy 1.4, which can be downloaded here:

See for more information.

Ulrik Sandberg, J2EE Consultant
Jayway AB


You don't have the time to deploy IvyCruise into your environment ?
You need help to achieve IvyCruise integration ?
You want us to configure your environment ?

Check the services that Jayasoft provides.

Feel free to check the forum for help, suggestions and bug reports.