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Do you like the components we provide on this site ? Do you wish them to become even better ? You are on the right page, here is how you can help.

Spread the word

The first way to help us with the components you find here is to spread the word about your use of them: write an entry on your blog, a tip on javalobby, an article on a popular java mag, a comment on a thread in a java forum, anything is appreciated. And what is even more appreciated is to tell us that you've done such a contribution, so that we can add a link or post a news.


To be useful a component needs to be properly documented. And in this area even if we do our best to provide good documentation for free, we are not expert in the documentation area, and english isn't our native language. So any help in this area is appreciated: post a comment on a documentation page (almost all documentation pages can be commented) to add a tip or an example of use; write an article or a tutorial and submit it either here or on your blog or on a popular java site; write a book or contact us to help us write and publish one.

Help others

Even if we try to answer questions on the forums as soon as we can, any help in this area is greatly appreciated: if you see someone facing an issue for which you think you have an answer or part of one, do not hesitate to post on the forum, it can save us some time and thus help to find some to develop features.


If you find an issue with any of our components, or have any idea of how to improve them, submit them on our jira server. We can't promise we'll be able to resolve the issue, but it's a good thing to have a good database of known issues and improvements we could make. You can also browse existing issues and vote for the one you find the most useful or important. It help us know the direction to give to our products.


Most of our components are open source, so there are many ways to contribute code: pick an issue in jira and submit a patch, write a plugin and tell us where you made it available, write a unit test for a particular bug, or even for something you'd want to be sure it won't even break.


Because money is the only way to get food when we spend all day doing development, financial contribution is greatly appreciated ! There are several ways you can contribute financially to our projects:
  • Donate
  • The easiest way to contribute financially is to donate using paypal:
  • buy a WOJ license
  • Since we are the editor of WOJ, whenever you buy a WOJ license you help jayasoft to succeed, and thus help us to spend time on our components development. Moreover you also get a license to use a very powerful service, so you get direct return on investment.
  • pick a jira issue and contact us
  • If there is a particular jira issue you would like to see implemented or fixed, you can contact us to know how much we would ask for it. We generally take into account that the whole community will benefit from the development, so we don't charge for the whole time we have to spend. This way can be more expensive but you can directly see the benefit of your contribution.
  • contact us
  • If you want to give a certain amount of money and want to know what we can do for it, you can contact us and we'll see how we can arrange.