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The latest stable version of ivy is 1.4.1:

To have a quick overview of some of the changes in this version, check the 1.4.1 release notes page.

For those eagerly waiting for new features, check the new location of Ivy at Apache

You can also download ivy jar and ivy.xml alone directly from this site (useful especially for easy ant setup) using the following pattern:[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]
This is used to auto install Ivy from internet, in Ivy build.xml itself or in the first tutorial. Take a look at these examples if you want such an auto install feature in your own builds.

The xsd for ivy files of the version is also available online at:[revision]/ivy.xsd

To have info about the different kind of distributions, see that page.

For previous version information and download, see the release notes page in the documentation.